Friday, February 4, 2011

Poetry and junk.....

Something I wrote last night while watching CNN's coverage of the crisis.


The seismic shift nears
The world dances on the edge of the knife
Spiraling, colliding, careening away
Change breathes new, dusty life

Raise the arms of the oppressed
Ride the tidal wave of the roar of change
Burn the flag of tyranny and hate
Brave the storm of rage, unrest and war

It matters not for the deaf
There is no haven for the weary and silenced
There is no faith in the old protectors
Old despots die hard, and their legacies harder

Change must come again
Once the mountain falls, only its memory endures
Once man's plans are undone
Only destruction and upheaval await

Old tyrants hold their grounds
Like gargoyles crumbling atop the decay
Ahead of the the longest fall
The farthest descent is found in disgrace

Raise the sword and shield
The time for harvest and ease is done
The black days loom ahead
And now the challange rises, unwelcome

Now is the time to stand
And declare ourselves to stand with justice
Bring forth the massive scales
And weigh the burdens of our bleeding hearts

We can no longer turn aside
And try to hover above the bloody tempest
We are no longer without shore
Take your place, for battle has begun

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  1. It is a lovely and expressive piece hon. Thanks for sharing!